Re- and Corporate Design
»European Union«

The main aim of this project was to revise and re-design the corporate identity of the European Union in a more profound and sustainable way. The differentiated characteristics of the European Union should be processed to common values, yet all the member nations should obtain an individually constructed design, including the national emblem, crest and logo of each country. I developed a graphic solution that not only constitutes the complexity and solidarity of the EU, but also allegorizes the individuality of each member state. First of all I decided to determine a Corporate Color for every EU institution. To ensure a multilingual comprehension, the word mark will be translated into the respective language. Furthermore the optical appearance of the member states is composed of the national colors in their quantity. Another particular feature of the figurative mark is the display of each country through a geographical map view. Additionally, in the course of developing a new identity for Europe, I designed initial drafts for the branding and web presentation of the EU Presidency of Germany in the year 2020. Artistically, to grant the recognition value, I picked up the color codes of the newly designed EU logos. In ways to display the progressiveness, linking and economical importance of Germany in the year 2020, I decided to create a web menu that would switch by click and thus introduce joint political subjects of the European Union in whole or individual subjects according to the nation itself.

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign