Branding and Illustration

In the course of a joint university project together with business administration and fashion design students we, as graphic design students, received a mutual task from the »Otto Group« fashion company to develop inspirational drafts and designs for communication channels. The main focus lies on the establishement and designing of a »plus size« fashion and lifestyle blog. Within working groups we agreed upon the ambiguously interpretable title »Formgewand(t)«. Each designer created an individual logo idea communicating the lifestyle to which the target group ideally and easily should be able to relate to at best. Furthermore the blog should be linked within the already existing lifestyle and fashion blog »Two For Fashion«. After plentiful research and lots of initial scribbles I naturally decided against putting the focus on any negative aspects that one would usually associate with »plus size« culture. Instead I wanted to convert these biased views into a positive medial statement. I decided to put a lot of importance on conveying modernity, joie de vivre, self-confidence and »curvy« dynamic to those who are obliged to wear »plus size« fashion. Therefore I worked with illustrative elements in order to communicate »plus size« in a certain uniqueness and playfulness. Subsequently the prominence and public awareness in regards of the existence of this blog should be called into being by means of print marketing, which picks up the individual illustrative style of the blog. Through subtly utilising the Corporate Color of the »Otto Group« the main brand itself should be indicated merely, but not pushed into the center of attention.

Programs: Photoshop, PaintTool SAI, InDesign, Illustrator