Branding and Printdesign:

The following project deals with the realisation of a naming and brand identity, therewith the creation of several printing products in the course of a social project supported internationally by the European Union. The title of this project is: »Between Ages: Network for young offenders and NEET«. The task was handed over to the graphic design seminar group by university representatives and founders of the project itself. Individually and within group discussion multiple ideas and were drawn up. During the working process there consultation about the further development has been maintained with the customer through briefing and local presentations. Ultimately the drafts and results were presented in front of an expert audience during a conference in Rome. I have contributed ideas and advancements to several initial drafts. Of those drafts I finalized the one that is presented here independently. The logo itself consists of a word- and design mark. Among wanderers the ancient latin term of »Ultreïa« is a well-known pilgrim saying. It literally translates to: »Move forward and beyond yourself!«. Thereby it is an apt description as it captures the essence of the social pilgrim project and is very much suitable as a naming for this brand. The semicircular graphics are a modification of the diacritical sign (diaeresis). It symbolizes the step forward and beyond, the seizing of an exceptional chance on the part of young delinquents.

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign